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Ready to buy tiles after using your DIY Art Party Guide or need to submit more art for tiles than originally ordered?

No problem – Just order however many you need now. Each tile is just $15 to purchase.

Your art tile will be installed for the cause of your choice.

One third of your purchase price becomes a specific financial contribution to cause you have chosen.

See each cause for more details.

Mission of Hope Art Party Tiles

Hope for the Future

Support education of children in Haiti


Lady Savant Foundation ArtWare Party Additional Tiles

The ABC – 123 Wall

Provide books for children in Cambodia

SCOPE Art Party Additional Tiles


Sponsor camp scholarships for inner city kids

Innovation : Africa -“Let the Light Shine” Party Tiles

Let the Light Shine

Provide solar powered light bulbs for schools in Uganda

 Choose Your Own Cause

You create the change you want