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Simply said, ArtWare Art Parties are a great way to do good, make a difference, and help others in need, while enjoying creative and rewarding fun.

To explain in greater detail, an ArtWare Art Party is a creative gathering for doing good. You and your guests will create art based on a theme (which corresponds to the social good initiative you have chosen to support).  Your art will then be sent to us at ArtWare so that we can transform your creations into beautiful ceramic tiles that will become part of a tile wall installation that will live on in recognition for your efforts. The  funds raised at your party will go towards the amazing work of the initiative you have chosen.

We have helped all sorts of organizations and groups – here are just some of the them:

-Girl and Boy Scout Troops

-Home School Collaboratives

-Teens looking to fulfill community service hours – for example: Eagle Scouts, National Arts Honor Society and Key Clubs.

-Bar and Bat Mitzvah’s

-Adults who want to gather with friends to support a cause in a creative way

-Celebrations and Milestones such as Bridal and Baby Showers

-Non-profits and Organizations looking for a unique fundraising event

-Family gatherings

Last but definitely not least – it’s the best Birthday Party Activity for young and old alike.

There are no minimums – you can invite as many or as few people as you would like.  The more people who participate the greater impact you will make.

We have two types of programs:

ArtWare Collaborations:  Each tile you purchase includes a $5 donation that goes directly to the cause.  We share with you what your donation will provide.  For example:  If you create art for the “Fun in the Sun” wall thru our collaboration with Innovation:Africa – a solar powered light bulb will be provided for a school in Uganda.

If guests want to make an additional donation you can collect checks and submit them with your art. ArtWare will make sure they go to the cause or you can share the website of the nonprofit with your guests and they can do it online directly.

Your Own Cause:  You decide how much of a financial impact you would like to make and you collect and donate the money how you see fit.  You pay ArtWare just for the kits and tiles.

You can host your party at home or at your office or just about anywhere. The art supplies we recommend or supply will not create a mess.

If you are hosting a party to support a cause of your own, you can absolutely host it there – it is a great way to showcase the space.

We have hosted parties at 4-star restaurants, country clubs, in a dance studio and outside under a gazebo.

That is really up to you.  We recommend allotting 1.5 hours if everyone shows up at the same time.  If you are creating an open house event over a few hours – people can come and go as they choose. If the art creation is part of a longer event it can take all day. –

First things first, decide on who you would like to support.  Would you like to work with one of ArtWare’s Collaborations or is there a cause that is near and dear to your heart that would like to be the recipient of your creations and donations,

Then purchase either our Art Party Guides or our complete Art Party Kits.

ArtWare Party Kits start at $130 for a five person party, There are options for 10, 15, 20, 30 or 50 participants. Kits are complete with everything you need – including a comprehensive guide and art supplies.

These kits  include everything you need to get inspired…from invitation templates, to ideas for art inspirations and ways of engaging your guests, lots of great collateral about the cause you are supporting to share, as well as easy to follow submission instructions for you to send the art made at your party to ArtWare so that we can use our magic to turn your art into tiles.

You also receive art supplies including paper to create on, markers, oil pastels, scissors, glue sticks, pencils and scrap paper for collaging. Your kit includes the processing of tiles for the number guests you have purchased tiles for.

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We also offer a DIY option of ArtWare Art Party Guide alone for just $20. Tiles with contribution to your cause are purchased separately .

Sure,  we offer the ArtWare Party Guide alone for Do-It-Yourself parties.:

This option is great if you have a closet full of art supplies to use.  Our comprehensive Guide includes everything you need to plan your party from:

-Invitation template

-Party checklist

-Information about the cause you are supporting and stories about children you will be   helping for your education and to share with your guests

-Art inspirations, Guidelines and Art Supplies that support the theme of your initiative.

-Certificate of Change for your guests to take home

You would host your party(s) and then just before submitting your art to ArtWare you would pay for the number of tiles we are going to create for you.

There is an option to purchase more tiles if needed- you would do that before you submit your art to us.

As stated above you would need to purchase at least our Art Party Guide – your tiles can be purchased after the party.

Allow up to 2 weeks for your kit to arrive via USPS or Fed Ex.  If you need expedited shipping you can arrange that with one of our party specialists at 800.609.8337.

Of Course! ArtWare Complete Party Kits make a wonderful gift for all occasions.

            ArtWare Collaboration:

            We will make your tiles and send you photos of them when completed. ArtWare will deliver the completed art tiles to the organization. We are committed to adding tiles to walls overseas at least once a year and will share our journey with you via Social Media outlets.

            Your Own Cause:

            We will make the tiles within 2-3 weeks of receiving your order and will ship the tiles, tile table or tile mural to you via FedEx ground.  Cost of shipping of the finished tiles is not included in the purchase price so we will be in touch to make payment arrangements when we are ready to ship.

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