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Here are our Complete ArtWare Party Kits with everything you need to host a wonderful art party and support a worthy cause.

Every kit includes a comprehensive how-to party guide and the story of the cause you support. You will also receive abundant art supplies according to the size of your party and instructions on how to submit your finished work.

Prices start at $130 for a 5 person party, Options for 5, 10, 15, 20, 30 or 50 guests parties are offered.

You and your family or guests create art during your party then send your works to us to be made into permanent art tiles that will be installed with the cause of your choice.

Every kit includes a specific financial contribution for the cause you choose based on the number of art tiles created. See each cause for details.

Mission of Hope Haiti Casue Art Party

Hope for the Future

Support education of children in Haiti


Lady Savant Foundation Cause Art Party

The ABC – 123 Wall

Provide books for children in Cambodia

SCOPE Cause Art Party


Sponsor camp scholarships for inner city kids

Innovation Africa Cause Art Party

Let the Light Shine

Provide solar powered light bulbs for schools in Uganda

Your Own Cause Art Party

Choose Your Own Cause

You create the change you want