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Mitzvah, Tzedakah and Tikkun Olam with Art


Are you looking for an inspiring Tzedakah project for your Mitzvah that includes your love for art?

In recent years bar/bat mitzvah candidates are asked to include “Tzedakah Projects” (social action projects) as part of their Mitzvah preparations. A project with an ArtWare Art Party Kit can provide the special ingredient of Tikkun Olam, (fixing the world) to your upcoming Simcha so that others can benefit from your joy and happiness:

Ask yourself these questions to see if an ArtWare for Good program is right for your Bar/Bat Mitzvah:

• Do you have a creative inclination or passion for the arts?

• Do you value helping those less fortunate?

• Are you interested in travel, discovery and learning about others around the globe?

If the answer is YES, to any or all of these questions then you might just be in the right place! Let us tell you more.

Whether you choose to participate in supporting one of our initiatives or embarking on a project that supports a cause near and dear to you- you will be engaging in organizing art making parties or events with friends, community and family. The art created at these events will be transferred by ArtWare onto tiles that will become part of a tile wall installation or mural or a tile table that graces the walls / facility of the recipient.

Artware for Good has organized projects to support literacy in Rwanda, peace and rebuilding Nepal, creating community in Kenya and causes here in the United States and many other places as well as these new featured causes:

Projects that others have embarked on include work like this:

Tile tables for Pediatric Units in Hospitals and Head Start Preschool Centers, art murals for the walls of a center for Troubled Teens and a tile wall for a Food Pantry and a Homeless Shelter.

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How Does It Work?

Choose one of our ArtWare art party kits with one of our featured causes or we can We customize a program that works just right for you.

Do you want a program to be executed over several months?

Do you want to enlist family and friends to help?

Do you want to have an art making event at your Bar/Bat Mitzvah party?

So many questions……….

So How Do Get Started?

Call Us At 1.800.609.8337 Or Email Diana Polack At Dianap@Artwareforgood.Com For Your Mitzvah Project Consultation
Host An Artware Party Click Here

We will interview you and your child and make sure that we create a program that is relevant to your needs and will help your Bar/Bat Mitzvah feel proud and accomplished that they helped to make a difference in the world.