Tile Table Art Kit


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When purchasing the “Tile Table Art Kit” you will receive:

ONLINE GUIDE: The ArtWare Art Party online guide which includes everything you need to get inspired… from invitation templates, to ideas for art inspirations and ways of engaging your guests, as well as easy to follow submission instructions for you to send the art made at your party to ArtWare so that we can use our magic to turn your art into tiles.  

THE ART KIT: Each kit includes enough art supplies for you to create 25 works of art to be transformed on to tiles. Supplies include colored paper, markers, oil pastels, scissors, glue sticks, pencils and scrap paper for collaging.

THE TABLE: 22” X 22” X 18’’ Square Table  with 25 tiles to create the table top, also comes with two plastic stools



  • Additional charge for shipping the completed tile table to the destination of your choice

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